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 Embarrising Moments

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PostSubject: Embarrising Moments   Wed Jul 09, 2008 2:17 am

I got this from another site hope u enjoy laughing!!!
Totally Embarrassing

It was most embarrassing when I was about seven or eight years old. My mum and I were in the shops, and I was looking at some toys. Mum was in front of me and this lady was behind me. When she started to walk away I walked with the lady thinking that it was my Mum. I wrapped my arm around her and then I noticed that it wasn't my Mum and I got so embarrassed!


I was walking into class when I did not notice that I had a big booger on my chin! I went up to my friendship group and they were talking. They stopped and I said what are you looking at? My friend yelled out, you have a booger on your chin!


My crush walked past my best friends and I. I was just about to act really cool, show off and say hi, when suddenly there was this huge blast. I had done a mega fart! He held his nose and started to laugh at me. I turned bright red and ran and ran and ran. I was running so fast trying to get away from everyone that I didn't look where I was going, and bashed into a brick wall! The next day I had a huge purple and green bruise on my head and everyone in the school was laughing at me! How embarrassing!


My Mum took me to the beach and there was one of those showers where you need someone to hold a towel around you while you shower. Anyway, I was showering when all of a sudden my Mum took the towel away and left me standing with no clothes on! It was so embarrassing.


Last year at assembly I got an award and while I was getting up, I got tripped by a bag. Everyone laughed, even the teachers. I was so embarrassed and furious!


My most embarrassing moment was when I was at the shops and we were waiting to get served. My dad told me a funny joke and I let off a really big fart! I was so embarrassed and everyone was staring at me.


I had my friends over for my Ultimate Slumber Party. After pizza for dinner we were making funny faces at each other and started cracking up. We couldn't stop laughing and I almost wet myself. I ran to the bathroom and slammed the door, but when I went to leave, the door had locked. I spent an hour in the loo before my parents could get me out. It was so embarrassing!


When I was seven I went to Disneyland with my Nana and Mum. We were staying in a hotel with a pool and since it was hot, I went swimming every day. One day I was playing by the pool and I told my Nan I wouldn't be going on the waterslide anymore. Ten minutes later, I decided that the queue was getting shorter and went and stood in it. My Nan realised I was missing and had a shouting fit in front of everyone. I almost cried!


My most embarrassing moment was when my pet goat was out of her cage and I was looking at a bug on a plant, and there was a pot plant next to it. My goat jumped on the big pot plant and started weeing and I got wee all over my arm! Totally embarrassing!


My most embarrassing moment was when I was little and I was at the markets. I went to hold my dad's hand but when I looked up it was this other man! It was the most embarrassing moment ever!


Once I was at a lake, and I slipped over and all this mud splattered on my best top and pants! Afterwards we went to the shops but I didn't have any good clothes so I had to wear old winter clothes that were going to go into a clothing bin! Everyone at the shop was laughing at me in those dorky, big winter rags! It was sooo embarrassing!


When I was about six I went to a shopping centre toilet. I thought I saw my mum's bag in the toilet next to me so I slid under the wall, only to realise it was some old woman instead. It was sooo embarrassing!


Once I went to my bestie's house for a sleepover. We stayed up late and my bestie told me this funny joke. I laughed so hard that I accidentally peed in her bed. My bestie said, "Hey, is that pee under you?" I went as red as a tomato!


I was in Target with my nan shopping for some knickers. So she decided to try them on to see if they fitted. She was only allowed to go in with five so I had to hold the other ones. I saw my crush walk past me and he saw me with the knickers. Now all his friends say I wear grandma undies!



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Embarrising Moments
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